The spicy and titillating playboy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘playboy’? Ohh! Nudity and rabbit ears. It immediately gives you a titillating sensation and you go back to the good old days of the famous magazine ‘Playboy’.

And I almost forgot the next best thing about playboy that you can never forget. Can you guess? It’s Marilyn Monroe’s nude image on the first issue of playboy. Oh boy was she sensual or not?

Playboy Bunnys I

There might be many things that you know about playboy like how it played a revolutionary part in sexuality but there are still many things that you do not know about playboy. And I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun. So let’s begin the fun of unknown playboy facts.

Men’s favorite – the playboy magazine

Pamela Anderson (Playboy)

The success of the playboy didn’t depend on its name or its content but the nude image of Marilyn. People even thought that the number of stars in ‘P’ of playboy is the number of times its owner, Hugh Hefner slept with her. Oh boy, imagine if that was true.

Playboy was meant to be the magazine of men. And what do men like? Bikini, brains, sex, sports, and campus and playboy made sure it had everything. 

Being the famous men magazine there were two men, one who was surprisingly lucky and the other wasn’t. Who were they? Hefner himself was the unlucky one. Even though he posted the famous nude image of Marilyn, he could never meet her. (What! And you were thinking about how amazing it was for Hefner to see Marilyn naked).

Now that you already feel devastated, let me bring another news for you. Could you guess the lucky person to be featured on a playboy cover? I bet you have never thought of him. It was Donald Trump (LOL). Think of how many girls he might have met and slept with.

Do you think your mind has blown away? Wait, there is still a lot to know about playboy. Let’s start with Hefner.

Sexy yet weird facts about Hugh Hefner

Inside Hugh Hefner and Wife Crystal Harris' Unlikely Yet Strangely Loving Marriage

The one who lived life king size and might have had sex with thousands of women, who started a magazine that was all about sex wasn’t good at sex at all.

  • In 2012, his new wife to be said that he lasted only two seconds long in sex. Ouch! That must have hit him hard.
  • Hefner lost his virginity when he was 22. How does that happen to a man who openly talked about sex in a magazine?
  • Hefner might be the largest user of viagra. He keeps a bottle of baby oil and vaseline in each room of the mansion. But still, people say that he has slept with around 2000 women. For a man using so much viagra, he has had sex the highest number of times. (Is that number more than Donald Trump?)
  • You might be thinking Hefner was one hell of an open-minded man. Well, he was but he was oddly strict about one thing. He has a curfew of 9 pm for his playmates. One of his playmates said that the playboy mansion wasn’t meant to invite people but to lock people who were already there.
  • Hefner’s playmates were not allowed to miss any of the club parades. He wouldn’t give him an allowance if they missed it. There were strict rules like if the playmates were seen drunk in their pictures, they’ll be in huge trouble.
  • For a mansion that had the base of sex, girls were not allowed to have boys inside the mansion.
  • His girlfriend number one has to give him oral sex and he didn’t care about protection or safety. Feels like the man was gross. No, I am not talking about his playmates. He had three girlfriends for him and one favorite one was named as girlfriend number one. (What was going on in his mind?)
  • None of his playmates ever said that they enjoyed having sex with him. It was going in and going out every time. Was he fulfilling his desires through playboys?
  • He was a borriinggggg man. He has movie night arranged in his mansion and if any guests fell asleep during the movie, they were never allowed to come back.
  • He could never miss a party. If he wasn’t there, then his cut out was there. This man is not at all weird!

I bet you didn’t know most of these. Now, how do these facts make you feel? No matter how you feel right now, the playboy is still a men’s pleasure magazine and will continue to be.

Your pleasure friend for lonely nights – playboy.

Playboy Mansion 04

And to end this with making you feel good, although playboy stop posting nudity in 2016, but has now resumed printing pictures of their playmates.